November 25, 2011

Make Up Favorites

It's been a while since I've done a make up post.  Being that I love playing around with make up and trying new products, I wanted to share some of my most recent favorites.  I love natural looking make up and the products below all fall into that category.  Do you switch up your make up routine with the changing seasons?  I definitely do!  I'd love to know what your favorite products are!  Happy Friday everyone! 
  • NARS "Orgasm" illuminator - perfect for giving your face a glowy look during the winter!
  • Tarte "Rose" shimmer powder
  • MAC "Well Dressed" blush - perfect pale pink blush
  • NARS "Orgasm" blush - a constant favorite

  • Vincent Longo "Foxina" lipstick
  • Bobbi Brown "Rum Raisin" lipstick
  • L'Oreal "Drumbeat Red" lipstick - perfect classic red lipstick
  • Trish McEvoy "Sexy Petal" lip gloss
  • NARS "Como" lip gloss
  • NARS "Supervixen" lip gloss

  • Urban Decay "Naked" eye shadow palette
  • Stila "Kitten" smudge pot
  • MAC "Rapidblack" Penultimate eye liner - fool proof liquid liner for the perfect cat eye
  • Mally volumizing mascara - THE.BEST.MASCARA.EVER.


  1. perfect choice of make up! I also like UD Naked, I was thinking about Orgasm-that is normal blush, but it really gives special nice shimmer on face:)

  2. Ok, that´s the reason why you look so perfect:)


  3. Nice post, I like it so much! And I like your sense of style!!

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  4. Haha, love this girly post! The NARS lipgloss colors look really good; gotta check them out for sure! I love natural make-up too, I always use brown shades as well for my eyes and natural tones for my lips. Love the Urban Decay palette!

    Thanks for this inspiring post! Lots of love from Paris (come back soon again ;) )

  5. Beautiful colors! Great blog! I'm your newest follower:)

  6. Good cosm. :)

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  7. Great picks! I have the UD naked palette that I absolutely adore =)

    Petite Little Girl

  8. Amazing post, Audrey ! Thanks for your super nice comment, of course I'd love us to follow each other, I am following you right now :-)
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  9. I love NARS and your blog! Just started to follow!

  10. I love that Nars Como lipgloss - will definitely have to check it out!! I am dying over your thrifted dress - what a fabulous find!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :)

  11. great post!! Nars has awesome stuff :)

  12. Like your blog♥
    You're so elegant!

    Xoxo from Buenos Aires,

  13. Great picks. How long does it take to hit pan?

    I have so many products and I've barely made a dent in some of them as I replace them before they expire. Do the products keep ok despite exceeding the recommended use period?

  14. I use Nars Orgasm blush, but want to try the illuminator. Been wearing light gold eye shadow the past few days. Must pay a visit to Sephora soon!

  15. Hello, happy week kend,
    fantastic your post
    I love the cosmetic..

  16. I love NARS cosmetics !
    Nice blog. Follow you.


  17. Thank you for the comment :)


  18. I've never used NARS products, but I should definitely try them given the great reviews! Just catching up with your posts and the black dress of your previous one and the Zara mini-skirt are amazing pieces!

  19. Really want to try the naked palette!x

  20. really nice

  21. Some makeup great products we need all ,even if me I don't use to many .

  22. great post! love seeing what beauty products other ladies use. i can't live w/o my naked palette. xx

  23. I miss American prices, but I love French products, especially the cleansers and moisturizers. I am in need of a lot of beauty products, but even though there are tons of Sephora's in Paris, they are far and above the cost in the States. I am holding out for Xmas :) I think I will stockpile Nars blush and lipsticks.


  24. Love Nars cosmetics, my favourite! Tough they are not so easy to find in Spain! Thanks for sharing your selection, and thanks for your sweet sweet comments on my blog!!

  25. Are you getting the Naked 2 palette?! I think I have to I'm so obsessed with the first..

  26. I have been captivated by the beauty products, and so has the world it seems. I would just be thankful to you for sharing your favorite collection.

  27. Nice blog. Wow NARS cosmetics- love it !!!!!
    thanks for sharing your collection..