December 13, 2013

All About Eyes

I don't know about you, but I love picking out a great eye shadow palette.  In fact, I'm kind of obsessed with them.  There's nothing more annoying than digging around in your makeup drawer trying to find a certain eyeshadow that's buried underneath a pile of makeup.  With so many colors and brands to choose from, the combinations are endless.  Plus, having a great palette makes your morning beauty routine so much easier.  I've tried just about every eyeshadow brand out there, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites.  I have small eyes and extremely short lashes (sigh), so the brushes I use are just as important as the colors themselves.  The brushes below are my among my all time favorites.

These 5 eyeshadow brushes are must haves for me.  I like to have a separate brush for each part of my eye.  Lately, I've been lining my eyes with shadow, using the flat end of my double ended brush.  It creates a softer look and it's much easier to get a straight line of shadow along the upper lid. 

Chanel palettes are pricey, but they last.  I tend to use my Chanel palette whenever I need my eye shadow to go from day night.  The colors last

This is my daily go-to palette (by Mally).  The colors are natural and can be mixed and matched in just about any combination.  It's fool proof.
I like to have a palette of brighter shadows (and blush) for the spring/summer and this one (by SENNA Cosmetics) is amazing.  If you haven't tried SENNA Cosmetics, you need to. 

I love a smokey eye from time to time, but I'm not a fan of black or grey eyeshadow on me.  I have hazel green eyes and love creating a smokey eye with purple hued shadows.  Stila has an incredible selection of colors and I love their shadows.  So tell me, what are your favorite eyeshadows? 


  1. I just bought my mom an eye shadow palette for Christmas. they are the best. I use naked 2 and love it!

    xx Kelsey -

  2. I personally like a smoky eye on myself, although I wear lighter colours too. I have only one palette (Hello Kitty Graffiti) but am on the lookout for more.