February 11, 2014

Mixed Metal Manicure

This may be my favorite at-home mani yet!  It's so easy to do, and personally, I think it looks so chic.  Best of all, it's incredibly easy to touch up (for those of you who chip your nails as often as I do) and you don't have to worry about applying the polish in perfectly even strokes.  At first I was only going to apply 2 coats of gold glitter polish and call it a day.  I then decided to add one coat of "Set in Stones" by Essie, and absolutely loved the end result.  So the next time you only have about 5 minutes to do your nails, I highly recommend trying this combo! 

P.S. - I absolutely love Essie's "Set in Stones" top coat.  It's such a fun way to liven up just about any nail polish color.