July 30, 2015

Before and After: Kitchen Light Fixture

Light fixture before.  Yuck.
  I've always heard that having a house is a money pit never ending project, and wow is that the truth.  Between the repairs, general upkeep and decorating, there's always something that you'll want to change and there's always something nicer that you'll want.  ALWAYS.   Since we don't have an unlimited budget, and remodeling our kitchen is out of the question right now, we chose to make a small change that had a big impact.  We replaced the old, dark, outdated fixture with a clean, classic, double pendant from Restoration Hardware (oh how I love that place!).  Since all of our appliances are stainless steel, we went with the satin nickel finish to match them.  I'm currently searching for kitchen wall decor so stay tuned for more detailed photos.

Hello clean, classic and timeless...
Restoration Hardware 14" Clemson Classic Double Pendant in Satin Nickel finish


  1. Good call on the new light, looks modern but not out of place.

  2. The new feature makes a huge difference and looks great.

  3. Fixtures make *such* a huge difference. We recently replaced about 8 in our house and it was $$$, but so worth it, SO worth it. Envious of your ceiling beams! Also, um, house tour please???!! :)))